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#02 Getting the Ammo

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Officially, the change begins now, as of this week, I am working on a part time job for the first time in my life. I decided to quit, and work for 3 days a week until we manage to recruit someone to take my position, and get him into speed.

Thank you dear friends and family

Just before I start talking about what happens these days, and what's coming up, I wanted to thank you all, for visiting my blog, for sharing your feedback, liking, commenting, and sending me your best advice and wishes.

I believe that without the support of your loved ones such a move would be harder.

Did you all respond to my idea of making a change in the same way? Did you all respond positively? Who of you really got what I am going through?

It does not really matter. What matter is that I feel the love and support that I need as ammunition for this journey.

So thank you all for that! it's priceless!

Trying to take a break

I've been doing my best to think pragmatically for most of the time, in the past couple of decades. I've been working hard to get the priorities right, I've been working on project management for many years, defining dead-lines, assessing and mitigating risks, working hard to get things done.

Now, when getting ready for a change, my instincts tells me I need a plan, those instincts keep on adding tasks and milestones to the backpack I shall carry with me in the next few months.

However, if looking for a change, why not start with a change, a change of my own behavior when facing uncertainty, when facing a challenge.

I also got this advice from a few smart people, take a break, do nothing for a while, some of the best questions would pop-up, some of the hardest answers might get up to the surface without any effort.

It is summer time in Israel right now, kids are on their summer holiday, and I am trying to be with them as much as I can. I would do my best to be with Chen my wife as well, and spend some time with myself.

I asked my 'older' kids to create a sticky note with a few activities they'd like to do with me by the end of the summer. We shall pick one activity per day (I got my own list as well for them, poor kids, getting the garden back in shape at 35 Celsius degrees and 75% humidity is not a walk in the park)

The first one was a water battle, hence the image on the title of this post.

Old Ammo makes room for new Ammo

To get some closure for this post, today, I started making room for some new Ammo, that I'll need for this journey, the love and support of my family and friends, time for myself and my loved ones.

Putting the old ammo aside for a while. Let's see if it will help me fight this battle, or if it will get me closer to peace.

See you all on my next post, or face to face if we get the chance.

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