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#01 How to begin a new beginning

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Naturally, when a chapter ends, and just before a new one begins, one would have a lot of questions.

Throughout the years of my career, a lot of questions had been running in my mind, I never bothered to seriously address them. I continuously pushed back on them, and moved on, either on the same position, or immediately to a new one.

Now, that I've decided to stop, there's no way around it. I will have to bring those questions back, start looking deep into my soul and figure out some answers.

I already know, that new questions would pop up, could be that harder ones, from one hand, this is exciting, from the other hand, I must admit it's scary.

First and Last

The first question that I came across was, where would I end up this journey?

Will I find a new career? One that's far apart from my Hi-Tech career?

Will I find a new direction, still within the Hi-Tech industry, just with a new kind of role / seniority? After all, I believe I know my options, and kind of liked the product leadership, so what could be better than that?

Or will I get back to the same place where I started? Just as a different me? Looking at it all from a different angle, interpreting reality and responding to it in a different way?

It is a big question, and I know it would be the last one to get answered, but I am curious, can't wait to get there.

Questions, Questions, Questions!

I would probably need to start by asking myself some other questions. simpler ones? or are they that simple?

  1. Why now?

  2. What is it that I like in life?

  3. What is it that I liked in my career so far?

  4. What do I enjoy doing?

  5. What do I despise!!!

  6. What do I bring with me? What core and unique values?

  7. What do I want? What's the end goal?

  8. What would I like to do that I didn't so far?

  9. What are my weaknesses?

  10. Where would I want to improve?

  11. How do I start the process of answering all the above?

  12. Should I get someone to help me with this?

Got any idea for me?

If you find this journey interesting, and if you got some ideas you can share with me on how to begin a new beginning, please reach out at, or subscribe to be part of the process.

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