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#00 Getting Ready to Restart

I decided to pause, get a break, and start over again.

The journey begins soon, I am going to leave my comfort zone, going to leave my job, after over 20 years of labor in the Israeli hi-tech industry, what's gonna happen next? I don't know. Somehow I got a feeling it's going to be fascinating!

Get Creative Again

One of the first ideas that came up was to get creative again, write!

I've been thinking about starting up a personal blog for quite a while. In my mind, I was a creative kid and teenager, as years went by, creativity had gone. Pragmatic thinking, order, discipline, income, household, and plenty of other 'grown-ups' words had taken its place, filling up my time and state of mind. I could tell myself that there was plenty of room for creativity in my career, but who am I kidding...

I thought of doing that in Hebrew, I speak, I think, I feel Hebrew, but the pragmatic me said, give it a try, raise the bar, English!

What Should it be about?

I had different kinds of ideas about what this blog should be about, should it be about product management? After all, I've been doing that for quite a while. I try to convince myself that I am good at it, some of my colleagues would certainly agree (some probably won't). I think I can create value for some people getting into this world.

Economics of the web as we know it, was another alternative theme for the blog. The role of advertising and marketing, the relationships between content owners (publishers), consumers (you, me, everybody) and brands. Even some ideal concept of where I believe the web should be for the benefit of them (us) all.

Join my Journey

Eventually, I came up with the conclusion, that writing about the journey for personal change, would bring more creativity out of me, and create more value for a larger audience. I also hope that writing will be a significant driver in this process.

If you feel like joining me on this journey, you can come here again, or subscribe to get notified on the next story I post.

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